Comes standard in the Goped Pro 60 Scooter Builders Kit. This motor includes the Komatsu Zenoah G620PUM engine and the parts needed help build an extremely powerful scooter.

Runs 95 Octane Fuel
25:1 Ratio oil mix
This kit is only intended for the most serious scooter enthusiast, with very advanced scooter fabrication, modification and riding skills.

This Kit includes the following:

(1) 3 8x11/16 washer
(1) 6 SRT, 3/8-24 nut
(4) 1/4 SS FTL Washer
(1) 3/8-24 right thread rod end
(1) rod end jam nut
(1) 3/8-24 left thread rod end
(1) lock out turn down
(1) throttle swivel
(1) drive spindle nut
(1) motor protector
(1) motor mount nut
(1) motor mount bolt
(1) motor mount
(1) throttle cable washer
(1) drive spindle 0.975
(2) flywheel mount bolt M6x20 BHCS
(1) G620PU flywheel
(4) engine mount bolt M6x16 SHCS
(1) throttle return spring
(1) G62PU, G620PU Engine
(1) 3/8 Bolt

Must be used on a Geo-Bigfoot Frame
Heavy modifications needed to fit motor unless purchased with a pro 60 builders kit.

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