The G260RC Engine - featuring a tunable WT-603 HP Carburetor with choke. Includes OEM 25.4 cc Big Bore Kit for increased all-around performance. Larger intake ports and larger cooling fins. The G260RC motor is a lightweight design, with improved features over the old G23LH Motor. This engine features improved cylinder, piston, gaskets, Carburetor, crankshaft, crankcase, exhaust, and flywheel. The intake and exhaust ports were widened for improved performance. This is the stock motor that comes on the Super Bigfoot, Super X-Peds, and Super Go-Quads!

Performance and Usage Info
25.4 cc 2 stroke engine
3 HP
An amazing 14,000 RPM
Compression ratio of 8.8:1
Torque - 1.3 ft/lbs @ 10,000 RPM
Fuel: 95 octane or higher mixed 25:1 with 2-stroke oil

This item fits the following scooters
Sport / Liquimatic / X-Ped / Bigfoot / Go-Quad / Super X-Ped / Super Bigfoot / Super Go-Quad / GSR-26 / Super Sport Homebuilders Kit

Able to replace the following engines
G23-LH / G230RC / G260RC / HE23HP / HE23ZR / HE26HP / SK27RC / SK29RC / G2D-HP

Engine HP Motor / Engines Motors
Zenoah G260RC Goped or RC HP Engine