We are happy to offer the Genuine OEM 25.4cc Zenoah Big Bore Kit (comes stock on G260RC engine). This big bore kit can be used on the G23LH or G230RC engines to increase output from 22.5cc to 25.4ccs. Can also be used as a stock replacement top end for the G260RC.

Additionally this big bore kit can be used on several other goped and aftermarket engines listed below.This item will give you a NOTICEABLE increase in performance when upgrading from the G23-LH, G230RC. engines.Includes cylinder, piston, ring, piston pin, circlips, base gasket, and spark plug.NOTICE: After installing this kit you must run your first tank of gas at half throttle in order to break in the engine. Run 95 or above octane gas with an fuel to oil ratio of 25:1. Failure to do so may result in a seized engine.This item fits the following scooters Sport / Liquimatic / X-Ped / Bigfoot / Go-Quad / Super X-Ped / Super Bigfoot / Super Go-Quad / GSR-26 / Super Sport Homebuilders Kit Able to replace the following engines G23-LH / G230RC / G260RC / HE23HP / CY23RC / CY26RC / CY27RC / CY29RC Fits Chung Yang Engines.
OEM Goped / RC Car G260RC Big Bore Kit Zenoah 34mm

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