HPI Baja 5B

Use this TGN rear upgrade kit to ensure maximum braking performance. After testing several methods of getting the rear brakes to work better most will agree that carbon fiber disc’s and aluminum pads are the way to go. This kit comes with everything you need to transform your rear brakes including flanged bearings. If you would like to use the included flanged bearings in place of your d-shaped bushings you will need to use a Dremel to round out the d-shape holes in either your carbon fiber or aluminum top and bottom plate. This is an option and not required to make this kit work. The kit comes with a TGN Carbon Fiber Brake Disc, Turtle Racing Billet Caliper, Turtle Racing Billet Brake Pads, and FastEddy Flanged Bearings.
HPI Baja 5B TGN Rear Brake Upgrade