Look at these new RAMTech-RC aluminum rims for the HPI Baja 5B. These are limited edition and only available from RAMTech-RC and TeamGoNads. Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum, with a bright dip and clear anodize finish. Included are 2 front rims and 2 rear rims. These fit the stock HPI tires, and also the Hostile Hobbies rear tires as shown in the pictures. Not included are any of the plastic beadlock rings, or the Baja itself. I have not included the beadlock rings, due to the many different types of plastic and aluminum rings available on the market today. Will also fit FG Marders, Firehammer and the various other LargeScale buggies with use of an adapter. For more pictures and mounting options, please visit www.HPIBajaForum.com where you can see all the various beadlock rings mounted on the rims. For the rear tires, please see http://hostilehobby.com/

"Do not use the colored aluminum screws with aluminum rims. The aluminum screws are not strong enough to hold the torque, and will break off in the holes."

RAMTech has been known in the large scale industry for producing some of the nicest looking billet rims on the market. But with the new HPI Baja on the market they decided to bless us with some other goodies that most would kill to get our hands on.
HPI Baja 5B RamTech Billet Rims

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