HPI Baja 5b only

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The first production billet beadlock wheel for the HPI Baja 5b to accept the 40 series tires! That’s right, just bolt them on and go! No adapters needed. These rims are carved from a high quality solid aluminum block and are built to be very strong.

These sets include 2 rims with your choice of size so you can choose your type of set-up and look of your baja. You have a choice to buy the standard wide rims used for most 40 series tires or you can buy the narrow rims used for the XL narrow Moab tires from Proline.

Rims include the “Rock Star” style beadlocks and the cool nut covers to keep these rims looking clean.

Because of the deep hex machined into the axle area of these rims, they do not allow the use of aftermarket front or rear brakes. If the user wants to install brakes modifications to the rims can be done by the user but at his own risk.
HPI Baja 5B Billet 40 series wheels

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