Goped Velocity Stack, this tall velocity stack is hollowed out for increased torque. 1-3/4 inch diameter mounting flange for air filter with 3/4 inch diameter thru hole for carb. 5mm mounting holes at 30.5mm center to center. Includes 5x50mm allen bolts, washers, and gasket.

GSR40 - GSR40TSi - Hoverboard - Super Bigfoot - Super Go-Quad - Super X-Ped - G230RC/CY23RC Engine - G260RC/CY26RC - G43L Engine - G62PU Engine - CY27RC Engine - CY29RC Engine - Trail Ripper 40 - Midbike/Superbike - 43/49cc Engine

*Notes: Fits Walbro WT-603, WT-668, WA-167, and 15mm HP carb. Also fits Pro 60.
Goped Velocity Stack - Torquer