54mm centrifugal clutch kit for CY, Chung Yang and Zenoah engines. Bolts between the engine and the frame, it mounts to frames that have the same bolt pattern as the engine. These components move the engine out a little over 2 inches.

ADA Racing Part number 11-230000

Included Clutch Housing, Drum, bearing, Shoes, bolts, spring, washers and all hardware necessary to install.

Go-Quad - Liquimatic - Sport - Super Go-Quad - Super X-Ped - X-Ped - Tri Power Krazy Kat - Tri Power Stray Kat - Tri Power Phat Kat - Martin Mini - Martin Monster

HE23ZR/G23LH Engine - G2D Engine - G230RC/CY23RC Engine - G260RC/CY26RC

*Notes: Uses standard drive spindles, except when using with a 3rd bearing support on Sport/X-Ped models.

Goped Clutch Kit 54mm