Goped Electric Conversion Kit for most Any Bicycle!
Never before available, and now only from Patmont Motor Werks who proudly enters the bicycle accessory industry with it's innovative Lithium Ion powered GoBike® Power Rack Kit featuring the same famous "Made in America" GoPed Brand quality. GoBike This bike rack kit accessory is the lightest electric bike kit in the world designed to fit on almost any of the billions of existing bicycles found anywhere around the world today. With only two moving parts, a drive roller to the rear tire that works in the rain eliminates the need for heavier and complex chains, belts, or complicated and difficult to install hub motors. The drive can be instantly disengaged when desired. As a result your favorite bike remains unchanged, but is now equipped with a cargo carrying bike rack capable of hauling up to 175 lbs.
Image Hosted by This patent pending design is based on the simple "beam rack" principle, but uses a universal seat/rack clamp made from very strong but light weight billet aluminum which replaces the original seat post clamp found on most bicycle frames. The GoBike® universal clamp also has a simple single bolt disconnect so the owner can remove the 15 lb Power Rack to take it home, to work, or even transfer to another seat/rack clamp and "Flux Capacitor" throttle equipped bike waiting at the other end of a bus or train commute. The GoBike® Power Rack uses the advanced 8 Amp hour @ 25.9 volt Li-Ion battery technology used in the very successful GoPed line. The power comes from a silent and sealed 400 Watt DC brush type motor, and will speed an average individual along on flat surfaces at 18 Mph for 8 miles in turbo mode, or 12 Mph for 12 miles without peddling. Both speed and range can be dramatically increased by simply helping and peddling your bike whenever you wish.
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The Go Bike® Power Rack features it's own on board smart Lithium Ion battery charger, for simple recharging at home or work using any wall outlet found around the world. Using a standard computer power cord, it will self recharge in less than 3 hours.
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