Offroad High Performance Aftermarket MX Exhaust Pipe
Honda Motorcycle - CRF50 CRF 50 XR50 XR 50 - years 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Available with or without a big bore kit.

The original and still best bang for the buck - the PowerCore 4 S/A. This is a race design muffler at a value price. It features our exclusive Hi-Flo square core to evacuate exhaust better and provide maximum core surface area for sound absorption. The Hi-Flo technology is evident in the stainless steel formed endcaps as well. For maximum tunability, the PowerCore 4 for a number of applications has a highly versatile modular rear endcap for optional performance accessories – a 2” or 1-3/4” endcap for smoother power delivery, a quiet core insert for the sound conscientious and a replacement spark arrestor screen. Some applications feature a fixed endcap and do not allow for optional performance accessories or a quiet core insert. For further information please contact our Customer Service Representatives by phone. Performance, versatility and pounds lighter than stock – all for an affordable price, FMF’s PowerCore 4…FEEL THE POWER!

We developed the PowerCore4 to increase the horsepower and torque throughout the entire power curve and give you a noticeable power increase that is very usable and beneficial, no matter what your riding style or ability is.

- Space Age internal packing for maximum packing life.
- Hi-Flo modular end cap.
- Internal shape of core uses Hi-Flo technology.
- Enhanced sonic evacuation provides for higher flow and increased power.

Off road High Performance Aftermarket MX Exhaust Pipe
Honda Motor cycle - CRF50 CRF 50 XR50 XR 50 - years 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
CRF50 XR50 Aftermarket Exhaust Pipe Powercore 4 FMF 00-08 Honda

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