Chung Yang R290 Head Kit Engine 28.9cc 3.5hp high performance RC engine with billet head kit and chrome covers. Chung Yang R290 Head Kit motor cylinder features 4 transfer port design with a single ring piston. 35mm bore, 30mm stroke. Includes ADA Racing USA Made rubber base air filter kit and Walbro WT-668 carb.

For Scooters: Top speed for motors with stock gearing (drive spindle or sprocket) is approx 28 mph. Higher gearing will be faster. Fits Sport, Liquimatic, Bigfoot, X-ped, Super X-ped, Super Bigfoot, Go-Quad, Super Go-Quad, Go-Quad 25, Go-Quad 30, GSR26R, GSR29R, and Homebuilders Kit.

For RC Cars / Car: This engine fits many RC Car Applications - including (but not limited to) HPI Baja 5b, Monster Truck, Stadium Truck, Pajero, Sportsline, Marder, Leopard, Monster Beetle, Duratrax Firehammer, Firehammer MT, XTM Grizzly, MCD Rally, MCD Race Runner, MCD 4x4 Monster Truck, Carson Attack, Traxxas Monster Buggy.

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