HP Carburetor Kit, RC LH, RC Car, High Performance Carb

Comes with performance manifold which is not included by many other retailers.

Increase your Goped or RC Car acceleration and gain 2-3 mph top speed from a stock go ped G230RC or g23lh Engine. High and low speed tuning screws allow for fine-tuning adjustments for optimal performance. Comes with instructions. Kit comes with all parts needed for installation. This item was made for the G23LH engine but will fit the following engines:
G230RC / G260RC / HE23HP / HE26HP / SK27RC / SK29RC / G23LH / CYR230 / CYR270 / CYR290 / G23-LH / HE23ZR / CY23ZR
Carburetor Kit HP, RC LH, RC Car, High Performance Carb W/Manifo