BULK Klotz Octane Booster Fuel / Gas Power Additive

Klotz® Octane Booster is a concentrated tetraethyl lead substitute formulated to increase the octane rating of gasoline up to 10 numbers or more. Helps eliminate engine damaging detonation, spark knock, pre-ignition, and pinging from low octane gasoline. Octane Booster modifies the burn speed and flash point of gasoline to create a stable combustion chamber flame front, maximizing performance and power. Stabilizes oxygenated gasoline to prevent lean-out conditions. Klotz® Octane Booster provides needed upper-cylinder lubrication that is missing in unleaded gasoline. Not alcohol compatible.

Available in the following sizes:
KL-602 - 10/1 pt btls
KL-628 - 1 gal can
KL-602-30 - 30 gal drum
KL602-55 - 55 gal drum

BULK Klotz Octane Booster Fuel / Gas Power Additive

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