The Meyer T-6 3rd Bearing Support assists in supporting the crankshaft which prevents damage to your motor. Made of T-6 aluminum with a high quality bearing. 2 bolt race style pattern provides simple installation as well as high quality protection. This item comes with all mounting hardware necessary for installation.

Third Bearing.

Basic Instructions : This item bolts to the outside of your frame under your gas tank. To add the 3rd bearing support simply remove the rear axle/tire and gas tank - then mount the 3rd bearing support to the frame on the gas tank side. This item can only be used with a long drive spindle. Designed for spindle sizes .625 thru .800 - For instructions on removing your spindle go to

This item fits the following scooters Sport / Liquimatic / Sport S25 / X-Ped / Super X-Ped / Super Sport Homebuilders Kit
3rd Bearing Meyer Support T-6

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